Chef Kerry Inc.

Welcome to the brand new CKI site! The layout may be different, but my commitment to preparing you the best food with superior, friendly service remains a constant.

Beginning Sunday, September 9th, 2018, Chef Kerry will be offering weekly meal services to the good people of Alameda and Bay Farm Island. $199 will get you a delivery of 4 different meals, each serving 4 people, right to your door.  Just scroll through the calendar, find a menu that sounds delicious to you, and click on the date to purchase that delivery.

Deliveries will be made on the days listed (mostly Sundays) between 4-6pm and orders will be accepted until 3pm on the previous day.

Vegetarian, Dairy free, and low carb variations to any given menu can be made upon request.

Calendar dates indicate days when deliveries are available. Simply click on the date to get your order started.